Hi, I'm just following up and posting my formal request for this anime hair product. The hair is basically long hair with anime bangs. The hair must look like the character Rosarita Cisneros from the anime Black Lagoon. I've already supplied a base obj file of what I am looking for but I really need professionals like you to build this one for me. This will be what I am considering as my promotional flagship character/mascot that I will be using in conjunction with the upcoming release of Season 3 for Black Lagoon OVA this year and in 2011. We have already began development of a manga site Mangaexhibit that will accent the promotion heavily.

There are some particulars I am looking for:
- Compatibly with Poser Pro 7 to Poser Pro 2010
- I am looking for an A4 fit only
- Would like it to be a Hair file as opposed to a Character if possible
- Only require black texture with matching transparency
- The front bangs must be 100% and extends into curled sideburns
- There is no fringe passing over to the front of the shoulders
- Long hair or the back begins after the ears of the A4 character
- The hair's back length comes down to a tie wrap

- Bangs: Left, Right, Spread, Volume, Wind up,
- Base: Side Volume in and out
- Hair Length: Swing Left, Swing Right, Swing out, Flair in or out, Fringe Spread, Back Out, Length, Base Curl left, Base Curl right, Base Curl out

Picture References: