Retro photography is about nostalgia, capturing and depicting generations and times past.* Using filters, Photoshop actions or postwork, and of course, clever use of subject and composition, it’s possible to capture the memory of a time other than the present.

This post showcases 30 amazing retro photographs from photographers around the world, with a variety of subjects, tones and years represented.


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1. Models forties shot

Ladies posing in vintage dresses.

2. Coline Helena

Girl wearing a pink hood.

3. Granma’s favorite doll

Veiled lady in black dress holding a ball of twine.

4. Postcards from Italy

Asian woman offers Mickey Mouse pastry wearing mouse ears.

5. Classic Retro Car

Sepia toned older car precariously perched on ledge.

6. I wanna touch the sky

A child faces away from the camera with outstretched arms.

7. Old and broken bench

An old bench sitting in a field of flowers.

8. Nat and Don’s

The sign for a full service gas and auto repair shop.

9. Self Portrait

A lady wearing a black polka-dotted dress.

10. Bond Girl

This lady’s expression mixes allure and enthusiasm.

11. No title

Have a picnic in the 50′s with fresh fruit and a red pattered blanket.

12. Milkshake Memoirs

Multiple images of a diner girl.

13. Classic | Exotic

Lady in a flowered top looking over her shoulder.

14. Snow No. 3-bw-detail

Perfectly sculpted lady in fur coat with cigarette.

15. 1960s

A camera dominates this shot that could be from the 60′s.

16. Vintage afternoon

A contemplative lady with pearls holding a glass of wine.

17. Pink of Perfection – Kitchen Design – 1950s

The perfect 1950′s kitchen with the view of the patio.

18. Stereo – Retro – BW

A stereo from yesteryear dominates this frame.

19. Cuba Gallery: Retro time clock cat

Retro time clock with pink cat bookends.

20. Some Computer Factory, Mid 1980s

Pretty little macs, all in a row.

21. Store in the 1950s, Simpler Times

Overhead view of the general store.

22. Retro VW Van

A very iconic Volkswagen that are very valuable even today

23. Cuba Gallery: Wind up retro tin robot in the grass

The title says it all.

24. Miss retro

A lady lounging with her Rubik’s Cube and heart shaped shades.

25. Vintage Rocker

Baby with penetrating expression sits on rocker.

26. Retro 01

Cracked photograph of lady holding a cigarette.

27. 1950s Kitchen

You can almost see the 50′s family gathered around.

28. Retro Car

A popular car back in the 1950′s.

29. Retro Love

Almost psychedelic picture of lady on rainbow.

30. Retro Beauty

An excellent old fashioned keyboard.

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