In this week’s Question Time video post I give some rambling answers about taking on more than you can chew with client projects; things that help me find more freelance clients; whether a degree is important to be a designer; and I show off my fluent Spanish.

This week’s questions

  • How do you deal with a client’s needs vs your technical skills – Do you charge less for a job where you have to learn new skills because it might take longer to complete?
  • How did you create the outro at the end of your video clips?
  • How much time do you spend each week divided between client work and blog stuff?
  • Can we have Spanish subtitles please?
  • How important is a degree in web design when compared to a well developed portfolio? Is it about showing your grades, or your skill?
  • I want to go into freelancing but really don’t know how to start or how to get more clients, I have 4 clients now, do you have some magical recipes how to get more?

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Thanks to everyone who submitted their kind comments and questions on the last video. I only pick out a hand full to answer to keep the videos short, so if I didn’t pick yours this time, feel free to submit it again and I’ll hopefully provide a good answer in an upcoming episode.