The Court House is a place where members can have their conflicts resolved by our forum justices. But not every conflict can be presented here. Conflicts are different, and many of them fall under violations of the forum rules, and therefore are dealt directly by the GAPD (GA Police Dept.) staff. But some 'frictions' between members need further assessment. For example, if you believe that a person spams too much or is being constantly rude to others without going 'overboard.' Such shaky situations need careful examination, and our Court House staff will be here to help you. Decisions of the The Court House are legitimate within Graphic Amazon site and all its affiliates, and compliance is expected from members.
The Court House staff consist of a Superior Judge (who is one of the administrators) and several justices (who are Super Moderators). In addition to conflict-solving, the Superior Judge is responsible for staffing of the Court House, and has the power to review decisions of lower justices upon request. Decisions of the Superior Judge can be reviewed by the Chief of GAPD.

Court House Staff:
Superior Judge (Administration)
None yet.

Justices (Super Moderators):
None yet.