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    Default Dream Chaser

    Yay for a upbeat one. No anime references either.

    I think the adults say live surely, in their countless answers
    But all that needs to be corrected is violated.
    What should we believe?

    I think if this song saves a soul
    One of my dreams would come true, will someone be able to move me too?

    Don't you know "why I'm me!!" surrounding (evil)
    Raging waves along the way. What is being yourself?
    Hey Dream Chaser, everyone is giving up on modern-day inclinations.

    If you won't smile, I won't either
    Supporting each other in this place, now sing
    If you can chase your dreams with all your might, it's OK if sometimes all falters
    For the stars will go around and tomorrow will come

    "I'm not a modern-day kid" why? That's because you were all brought up
    Not facing children, your life, and forever we will be lost

    Show your courage and smile now boys & girls, never show your tears
    If you smile you will be strong
    Nobody knows what the distant future looks like
    "Tomorrow" is what you seize today.

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