Last week I introduced my new little Question Time video series. This week I run through a bunch of viewer submitted questions, including why designers use Macs, how I find my clients, how often I trim my eyebrows and what camera I use to record these things.

This week’s questions

  • Why do designers tend to use Macs over Windows PCs?
  • How do you find your clients?
  • How often do you trim your eyebrows?
  • What camera do you use?
  • What differences are there when communicating with clients in agency work to self employment?

Links mentioned in this week’s news

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A Guide to Popular Printing Techniques

Thanks to everyone who submitted their kind comments and questions on the last video. I only pick out a hand full to answer to keep the videos short, so if I didn’t pick yours this time, feel free to submit it again and I’ll hopefully provide a good answer in an upcoming episode.