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    Default F i n a l

    Yay with the references. Feedback??

    The unceasing rain carries a subtle heat
    Within the pain, I say, “No, no, this isn’t it”
    But…I knew
    But…it felt good
    I like the pitiful me

    The fierce rain ends and the promised rainbow appears
    If you’ll be by my side again when you’re reborn
    So that the needles of the clock won’t ever return to the past
    When it beats down on the soaked asphalt
    The F i n a l sounds like gunshots

    Countless wounds beg for recollections
    The pain yells, “Please don’t ever forget”
    But…time limit
    Already…I’m tired
    I won’t hand over the sadness to anyone!

    Because our hands gripped together are the proof of our vow
    I felt that for the first time, I knew about believing and accepting
    The thunder is at the sky’s edge, too far away to be heard
    Now I just feel your warmth
    When I close my eyes, it’s the F i n a l

    Who bestowed crimes and punishments upon people?
    Dictators don’t exist anywhere
    There only exist slaves to emotions

    Because I’m able to live comfortably when I put the blame on someone else
    I always just played the role of the victim and cried afterwards

    In a dream that becomes immovable while it is reflected diffusely
    Please, I want you to breathe life into me
    An eternity-like F i n a l

    And again we’ll…

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