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    Default Across The Sky

    *Insert Explanation Here*

    The usual streets, the usual voices
    Everything reflecting in my eyes are flickering
    I was searching all alone by groping along
    For the answer that I should know

    Because if, unable to believe in you, I’m to become lost again in the future
    Then I can still extend my hand to you

    A voice calls out from across the sky
    Please notice and raise your face
    I drew a tender world in my dreams
    Let’s return to that place

    I’m here, I’ll be right by your side
    At anytime, I believe in you

    The future spreads across the sky
    Let’s take up each other’s hands and fly away
    I want to have a smile, so I wished
    We’ll return to that time with everyone

    Please gently open your closed eyes
    If you look over, there’s a warm light
    Because even if there are only things that you can’t do alone
    If everyone is here, then surely you can do it
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