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    Default Saga of Rebirth

    This one was hugely influenced by Higurashi (lol), as quite a few of my pieces are. It is about the whole 'situation' that the characters in the story face. I think it tells the story in a nutshell..kind of
    It has a very, 'rough' feel to it I believe.

    Don't you want to see the world ahead of this never-ending June?
    I won't ever give up

    I can hear the wings of rebirth
    (The time comes, time comes, the sadness begins again)
    The memories of you disappear with the echo
    (It gets consumed, it gets consumed, I'll give this pathetic life)
    The curtains fall and the tragedy repeats again
    Ah, I want to find that disappearing voice again

    Turn the sorrowful saga into a song
    And rest inside my heart
    I fight to protect
    That shining exit

    I have no interest in 'this' world
    I'm going to look for the 'next' world

    The scream that echoes throughout the fresh green
    (It repeats, it repeats, the desire is fulfilled)
    Without any friends being left out
    (One by one, gather all the pieces)
    To erase the surface that reflects the moon called death
    Ah, from this never-ending eternal June

    Using the lovable days as my strength
    If that only wish bears fruit
    I want to live ahead of
    The exit I gave up on

    Die... die... everyone die!
    I can't believe it... I can't believe it...I can't believe it...I can't believe it...
    It repeats again and again, even when everyone keeps on fighting
    Always, always we were caught up in a hopeless tragedy

    But... For me, rather than the police or anything else
    I'm more relieved that everyone's there for me

    To create a miracle we have to gather everyone's power
    Now, come along with me I won't do it just by the thought
    Next time, I swear from this maze
    Yes, when cicadas cry

    Turn the sorrowful saga into a song
    And rest inside my heart
    I fight to protect
    That shining exit
    The newborn world that appeared
    By the memories I carved into this soul
    And believing in a miracle together
    I will fight my way
    I'll smile without fail

    I changed after meeting you
    The world changes because of you
    Yes, at the end of the cycle of rebirth
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