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    Default Requiem for Themselves and Tragedies

    As if always praying, as if merely wishing
    So that my voice will reach you, at least...

    Illusions accumulate and disappear
    Traces of dreams flow on the swaying surface of water

    The shape of sadness projects a shadow

    As if always praying, as if merely wishing
    The days on which I kept seeking the answer (forever)

    My straightforward gaze won't waver
    What will the visiting tomorrow reflect, I wonder?

    A separating world dyed red

    While we repeat the present, tie it up still
    And hurt each other's memories deeply and gently

    At the end of standing up against the pain of touching your heart
    For no matter how many times, I see the light ahead of my distant, chosen path

    I have engraved hundreds of millions of memories into my chest
    I quench my loneliness and I won't forget the color of her face

    If I try closing my eyes, then the world in which you bewail
    Tears spill, fall, and return to the sky.

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