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    Default The Duelists Under The Moon

    Make your own decisions

    A smile appears on my cheeks dyed by the red sun
    And now I confront the moment of destiny
    Carrying the things that I want to protect to my chest
    The gong echoes loudly

    “For justice”, “For tomorrow”
    They can’t be fully measured by such words anymore
    “C’mon, let’s begin it”, “Throw away everything”
    Our thoughts are of our serious match that bursts open to the future

    In our world that has begun
    Let’s make lives compete and the blue flowers bloom
    Without weapons or even fists but just for our very selves
    There’s only one thing that can guide us out…

    On the stage of a night scene where white stars scatter
    I wonder if the falling curtains will mow us down
    Hotly exchanging conversations of souls
    No one can block us

    “Sing to the moon…”, “I’ll howl to the moon…”
    Even in madness, it’s the finest spice
    “Fear and weakness”, “Ceaseless pain”
    We’re duelists who even overcame destiny!

    In our world that we don’t want to end
    We pretend to not notice the approaching finale
    I want to keep feeling it endlessly and forever
    The flame of my heart that won’t ever extinguish…

    “Even if someone won or lost,
    If you were able to not lose sight of your bond”
    “Even if we pass each other by, we can certainly make our way there”
    Open up to the other side of darkness…

    Let’s make the precious world continue
    Let’s make lives compete and the blue flowers bloom
    Without weapons or even fists, but just for those who believe
    There’s only one thing that guides them out…!

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