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    I occasionally write light hearted pieces. Here is such an example.

    Rays of light from the stars in the night sky above
    send a plea from across the ages
    with colours that haven't faded
    It's somebody's cry, reflected in those sparkling eyes
    A wish carried on the wind, a request from the moon
    to live as fully as possible, day by day
    So that our wishes, too, will be in someone's heart someday, let's shine on like that star

    1, 2, and so the bells echo, spreading far and wide in the depths of my heart
    A legendary stardrop, inside it there's so many narrow paths etched out
    With time, the ages pass; a shooting star passes without a sound
    Close your eyes and listen hard, maybe you'll hear a "Goodbye"

    A black and white photo of the entire sky, a rumbling muffler - white breath
    Just wanna get a little closer, I'll race to the high ground up there
    Taking out my huge telescope, out of the lens came stardust
    Time after time, an epic from across the ages

    Now that the light is released,
    surely it can't fail, across time it's got to reach someone
    The light of glory is right across the way
    It's the story I'm about to weave with you all

    With my birth cry, a small light and a great light met across space and time
    Their shine became one, to begin a new story
    Like a constellation that connects the dots,
    why shouldn't we create a lovely painting for someone?
    Take a look above you; see, it's a winter diamond
    This slow-moving galaxy, soon enough, will give you your courage back

    This sky is the only one there is; it spreads over all. And beyond the sea,
    right now, new life takes breath, and life is cut off, while stars shine on, like goddesses
    continuing a long journey, or starting anew; in spring, summer, fall and winter
    even a second is enough, just a moment is enough, to engrave my thoughts, to shine without end across the ages

    The story goes on in the heart
    the "you" of that day takes a night train

    Let's shine on like that star

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