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    Default The Flicker of the Butterflies

    I'll start off with one of my more recent pieces

    As if hurrying the sound of rain
    The curtains rise again
    The time of suspicion comes around
    With the fate of being tested

    The butterflies clad in light now beckon you
    The world will close the exit before long
    Ah, throwing love astray

    Oh, the lit determination-
    Count the screams that didn’t reach you
    That the storm painted over
    And follow the spiral of sadness

    The butterflies flickering in the light went crazed again
    The door of the world opens and invites you
    love is astray
    Simply carve only the words left behind by distress
    And let the exchanged vows and endless prayers
    Ah, sleep in your chest

    The butterflies clad in light summon illusions
    The world breaks and hides into the night
    love is invisible
    Hey, return those voices echoing in the sea
    Let them ride on the fleeting miracle and millions of dreams
    Ah, and dance

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