Dear TotalCG Forum Members,

Most of you have been to other forums before, so you should have basic ideas what communication on forums should be like. I know that a great deal of it will seem redundant, but there is no way around mentioning it again.

As on most other forums, on TotalCG forum, site and other affiliated web-pages (further - "TotalCG") WE DON'T TOLERATE:

1. Rudeness of any kind: insults, bashing, trolling, etc.

2. Discriminative context (prejudiced remarks based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.). It applies to anything discussed on TotalCG, not just conversations between members.

3. Irrelevant advertising. Keep in mind that it is up to TotalCG administrative/moderating staff to decide whether an advertisement is relevant to the content of TotalCG Forums in any way.

4. Excessive spamming. Posting too many comments carrying little or no useful information makes it hard for the other members to read the forum.

5. Posting age-restricted images, real or not, or links to them in topics that can be viewed by all members. The Gallery has specialized section that contains certain images that could be inappropriate for members under 18.
Although we trust the members' common sense in regards to which images can be considered age-restricted, we can and we will move an image to the age-restricted section of the gallery or even delete it if we reasonably believe that there is a need for that. In addition, posting any images with child pornography will result in a ban immediately. Repeated violators will recieve IP ban. We will also do out best to notify authorities of the infraction.

6. [ABSOLUTELY] NO direct linking to copyrighted products (or any other "free-because-it-is-somewhere-online-and-can-be-downloaded-but-is-not-free-otherwise" product, like movies or games, for example). The current hosting service that we use has strict rules against that. We may and will be sanctioned if repeated copyright infringement takes place. If we notice a violation of that type - we will simply shorten the link so that it only indicates the site's name. YOUTUBE links are fine. They are currently dealing with a load of copyright infringement claims, but that's their problem. Please take note: repeated violations of rule 6 will result in a warning an a possible short-term ban.

Violation of the above rules may result in a warning or a temporary/permanent ban at the discretion of the administrative/moderating staff.

These rules may be modified, and new rules may be added any time when we find that there is a need for that. Major changes will be announced. Members are responsible for knowing the rules. Remeber that ignorance of the rules doesn't absolve you from responsibility if you break them.