An important activity that all freelancers need to do–no matter what their freelancing field may be–is to read and educate ourselves. Reading is a great source for freelancers to get motivated, inspired, and learns tips and techniques for becoming a better professional.

There are many excellent resources on the web dedicated to the Freelancer. From getting inspiration to dealing with creativity burnout, you will find it all on the internet; there is a lot of information spread throughout the nooks and crannies of the online world, covering all the topics you could possibly think of concerning freelancing.

I have organized a list of great articles that will be very helpful to freelancers, containing hundreds of tips, tools, and lessons. This article could certainly be called the freelancing treasure box because every item shared here is a gem to read.

Starting as a Freelancer

The route to starting out as a freelancer is made easy with the great advice from these articles.

1. How to Start a Freelance Company

2. A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Freelance Career

3. 25 Awesome Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer

4. What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Freelancing

5. Are You Just a Freelancer or a Successful One?

Freelancer Inspiration and Creativity

The essence of gathering inspiration and becoming creative could never be simpler with the tips shared below.

6. Ways for Freelancers to Get Inspiration for Design Work

7. 10 Ways to Stay Creative While Exhausted

8. 15 Ways to Improve Freelance Creativity

9. 10 Tips to Avoid a Creative Block

10. 25 Must Read Books for Designers and Freelancers

11. 33 Excellent "Out of the Box" Ways for Creatives to Find Inspiration

Freelancer Thoughts and Tips

What goes on in the mind of a freelancer? What are the best tips you can get from freelancers themselves? Check them out below!

12. Wise Words from Freelancer to Freelancer: 8 tips to Help You

13. 10 Blogs Every Freelancer Wish Existed

14. 20 Quick Tips for Aspiring Freelancers

15. How to Beef Up Your Freelancing Skills

16. Essential Habits of an Effective Professional Freelancer

17. Freelancing: How to Deal with Long Working Hours

18. 15 Tips for Freelancers: What to Do in Slow Days and Dry Times

19. Spring Cleanup: 30 Must Do Tasks for Freelancers and Creatives

Combating Freelancer Burnout

Feeling drained out? These great formulas will kick away your worst enemy: Fatigue!

20. Freelancer Burnout: 8 Great Tips to Overcome It

21. 10 Most Common Health Hazards of Freelancing

22. 30+ Things You Have to Know About Being a Freelancer

Freelancer’s Hunting Ground

Do you know where to get jobs? These are the places to get you started.

23. 50 Freelance Job Sites for Designers & Programmers: Best Of

24. Get Hired: 15 Best Job Boards for Freelancers

Promoting and Branding Yourself

Making yourself known is essential if you would like to gain more exposure and incoming business. Learn all about self-promotion in the articles below!

25. The Art of Branding Yourself and Your Freelancing Business

26. Marketing Rules and Principles for Freelancers

27. 15 Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Freelancers

Dealing with Clients

Is the client your best friend or worst enemy? Read about tips and ways on how you can better work with your clients.

28. Identifying and Dealing with Different Types of Clients

29. 12 Breeds of Client and How to Work with Them

30. How to Find Local Clients for Your Freelance Business

Freelancer’s Tools

Be more productive and make your life easier with these tools at hand!

31. Cool PC Apps: The Top 50 PC Applications for Freelancers

32. Ten Essential Items Every Freelance Office Needs

33. 90 Useful Freelance Tools

34. 14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration

35. 30 Freelance Work Websites and Resources You Should Know

36. 5 Tools for Freelancers To Manage Their Time

Freelancer’s Failures

If all else fails, pick yourself up and learn from the mistakes you made. Better still, you can learn from other people’s mistakes without the need to go through them yourself.

37. Five Ways to Guarantee Your Failure as a Web Professional

38. 20 Reasons You Shouldn’t be a Freelancer

39. How to Overcome 20 Reasons Not to Become a Freelancer

40. Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make

Bonus: Freelancing-Related Articles on Six Revisions

Here are a few articles on Six Revisions not mentioned above that will be helpful to you in your journey into freelancing.

Share Your Freelancing Wisdom!

Whether you are a seasoned freelancer or thinking of joining the ranks soon, these articles will surely give you all the motivation you need to start and remove any doubts you have about freelancing. Which gems have you particularly enjoyed above? Are you a seasoned freelancing pro with tips you can share with us? Are you starting your journey into freelancing? What important lessons have you learned?

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