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    Default Torkuitsu's In Depth Reviews: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

    First off let me say, I am heavy into anime. These reviews are going to pretty in depth, or as far in depth as I can go until I start majorly spoiling. That being said, I will make my best attempts at keeping them minor or absent all together.

    I doubt i will ever be satisfied with my reviews of Higurashi. I just can't explain the show much without spoiling the hell out of it. So this is what i can do.

    Watching Higurashi is like locking a group of happy people in a test chamber, only coming back to find they've hacked each other into a bloody mess. Its horrific, its shocking, and yet a part of you, cannot help but wonder, how did it happen?

    The curiosity takes over... and so you repeat the experiment, knowing full well that those cute looking teenagers you just sent are going to end up as bloody pulps. But hey, at least each time they die, you're one step closer to figuring out why they died, it's all good.

    Higurashi essentially places you in the role of the scientist. It divides itself into several arcs, each of which begin exactly the same. A teenager moves into a remote countryside village, and befriends a group of sweet fangirls that could have come out right from a harem rom/com. Then, explicably, thing go wrong... very wrong.

    The pacing is excellent, the suspence pulpable. You know terrible things are going to happen, but you don't know exactly what. Higurashi would appeal to two types of people. The maglomanics who cackle madly in seeing a happy community descend into the depth of oblivion, and the curious scientist who watched each arc with intense interest... for they want to know exact *why* everything goes wrong (though they can also cackle madly just a little).

    The true draw of Higurashi is the mystery. The series will leave you guessing, postulating all manner of reasons why the sweetest girl in the class is now butchering every child in sight with a giant cleaver. Each experiment you run (arc you see) reveals a few more clues, and you formulate a new theory, only to find it shattered by another totally unexpected horror in the very same arc. The beauty of Higurashi is that a mystery of such grand scale, every detail is meticulous, and while every bloody event seems random at first, they all eventually fall into place

    Not only are the characters are memorable, and filled with interesting secrets, but unlike School Days, they're actually also extremely likeable. This is no small achievement, given that they're portrayed doing everything from ripping nails of off each other to nailing 9 year girls on a cross.

    Higurashi is really the pinnacle of a dark mystery. You'll start off the mad scientist, watching those innocents in the test chamber with morbid curiosity. Yet, slowly, that morbid curiosity will be transformed into sympathy, and as you fall in love these victims, that initial curiosity will into turn a genuine desire to figure out whats going on so that they can be saved.
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    To this day, and probably for a while to come, Higurashi is my favorite anime. As much as I'm liking Umineko, or as much as I rave about Evangelion, they pale in comparison to my love for this show.

    One of the main reasons behind my love of Higurashi is how realistic it is. Some series have a lot of blood or gore, (Elfen Lied, Hellsing) but have very unrealistic plots. Higurashi is much realer, especially at first. While it brings into play a 'God" later, everything that happens in the first season could very much happen i nreal life. The driving force behind everyones negative actions in the show is
    'Hinamizawa Syndrome'. It is a sickness that is triggered if you leave the village that Higurashi takes place in, Hinamizawa for a long period of time, or are put under a lot of mental stress. It has four stages. Stage one is mild paranoia. Stage two is increased paranoia, and you become untrusting of people close to you. Stage three is fear, paranoia, and you start hearing things. Stage four is full blown psychosis. most of the time this results in deaths involving those close to you, and sometimes, yourself. Some people try to harness this power to prove points, some try to cure it. But most people in Hinamizawa aren't even aware of it.

    This series, though violent and bloody at times, has a positive message. It tells of friendship, and how one can fight destiny and make miracles to keep living on.

    Maybe even to make it past that never-ending June of 1983...

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    Same goes for Higurashi Kai. The mystery is solved in the second series. Good stuff. Also, a lot of the manga is being released on One Manga. If you wanna see Higurashi uncut, with all the details, I suggest you check it out. I'm on Tsumihoroboshi-hen right now, and it is really good.

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    Did I mention I love Higurashi?

    It can't be avoided. It literally changed my life and outlook.

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    This isn't really something specific, about what you wrote here but...Damn. You're just...you're so good. Your writing skills are just...I'm jealous. I'll be honest. I'm jealous of you. Continue what you're doing...because it's working.

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    Thank you. I only write for the people to read and become interested. If I can get someone to look up an anime after i review it than i did my job.

    But of course recognition is also awesome

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    I'm not finished with both seasons of Higurashi, but I can safely give my impressions of the first:
    Its a unique spin on the typical mystery story, and on anime in general, it has likeable characters that don't fit stereotypes commonly associated with anime and took two totallly different genres (Moe and Horror Anime) and combined them in a well done manner. It takes one a while to figure out what on earth is going on, and it leaves the viewer to make their own decision on what really is happening to the main characters. (I originally believed Oyashiro-Sama was really an Old One, probably Nyalarathotep's cousin)

    Although, it isn't without faults, the repeated killing of the cast every few episodes adds a certain feeling where you know what is going to happen, this is at least subverted in the final arc where every one seems to get off without much tragedy.

    It terms of mindfuckery, it rivals Evangelion in almost every way, and is a close runner-up the master of the cosmic horror genre himself, H.P. Lovecraft.
    Of the characters of the first season, I have to say Keichi is my favorite character, he is the epitome of what a "Badass Normal" character should represent and is a neat throwback to the old protagonists of H.P. Lovecraft such as Henry Armitage, Randolph Carter, and Gammel.

    Speaking of Lovecraftian Influences, the whole cursed town led by insane cult, is directly influenced by "The Shadow over Innsmouth" right down to half-human hybrids, dissapearences, and creepy atmosphere. Many other references from Lovecrafts other works can also be seen from Insanity, Redemption equals Death, Suicide by odd means, HOMOCIDE BY ODD MEANS, and a presence of insignifgance compared to an otherworldly foe. me being a HUGE Lovecraft buff, made this anime pop out more to me as I picked apart the story as it progressed, making it enjoyable to watch, as well as adding a sense of familiriaty to to it.

    In short, Higurashi is a fun anime to watch through if you are into the genre. Its a unique, refreshing take on the horror/Moe genres respectively. It also adds a new, unique, spin on anime, which I have yet to see.

    I'll give at four out of five.
    Not Perfect, but still really fucking good.

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