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Serv from hell

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What song are you listening to right now?

Admit it you want a Snuggie. What design/color?
Do i look like the kinda guy who wants a snuggy... My snuggie is white with long red hair, 125 lbs, 34c and has an incredible singing voice. Not to mention emits her own heat... Love you V

Do you prefer movies at home or movies at the theater?
Home all the way... i would get kicked out of Theaters.

How many songs does your iTunes have?

Do you take a shower in the morning or the night before?

What's your academic niche? (History, math, science, etc.)
That would be the Performing Arts

Who's your youngest teacher?
When i first met him, Mr Kelly was 23 i think?

Have you ever had the samples people offer you at Costco?
I do not shop at Costco, but Sams clubs free samples are kick ass

If you had to name your kid after a food, what would his/her name be?
His= asparagus, so i can call him ass and get away with it
Hers= Absinthe...wait what? what do you mean alcohol aint food?

Miley Cyrus: Inspirational role model or a ho?
Definitely not a role model that is for sure, but i am not in a position to call her a Ho either. Just another sad display of corporate networks taking advantage of young people

Are you stressed about anything?
Of course i am

When's the last time you had a rock, paper, scissors match?
4 months, 27 days, 6hours and 43 seconds ago... i lost

What's your favorite anime?
This is the first tough question thus far. I would say it changes on the day between FMA, Eva, INU and FB

Did you cry when Ash let his Butterfree go with the other Butterfrees?
Who what now? i watch Anime...not shitty cartoons

Don't you hate it when Facebook autocorrects your smiley faces and hearts?
Never noticed

Skinny, flared, ripped, or faded jeans?
I like the last three, but i would say faded is the fav

What are you excited for?
Just a few weeks and that snuggie i spoke of earlier will be arriving for a month

Are you part of the Farmville cult?
Sadly yes,

What were you for Halloween?
I do not celebrate Halloween. I celebrate Samhein. I was dressed as myself and honored my fallen friends and family with candles, lanterns, incense and prayer... THE WAY THE HOLIDAY IS MEANT TO BE CELEBRATED.

Have you ever had braces?
Thank Odin, No

What year of high school are you in?
well lets see, if i were still in school i would be in... 18th? something like that

What's your favorite flower?
The skunk from Bambie

Neither, i enjoy real words.

Would you ever bleach your hair?
I would yes

Have you ever stood on a frozen solid body of water?
Stood, fished, drove, skated and swam under

Would you ever take up smoking or drinking?
Smoking, no. But i enjoy a good drink or 12

Do those girls with 1,000 friends on Facebook REALLY have that many?
What difference does gender make...honestly. The person who wrote this needs to come by my place and text me asking me to come out side and see what happens

What holiday is your birthday closest to?

Are you cyberdyslexic?
Nope... but you are a retard

Are you regular dyslexic?
please pull your own colon out of your nose

What would your name be if you were a boy?
Would you like me to show you my penis

Which person from way back when would you love to hang out with?
way back when...lets see...Cuchulainn

Would you agree on 80s day, people look pretty much the same?
Not where i come from no

What color are your eyes?

The forever on-going question: Is Twilight stupid or actually brilliant?
Twilight is an obomination. It single handedly destroys every bit of vampire lore and the writing discredits every legitimate text ever published.

Did you carve pumpkins for Halloween this year?
No i did not. Why would i want to scare away the souls of my ancestors on a night designed for offering shelter and a guiding light during the night of the dead

Does your family use a real pine tree or a plastic one for Christmas?
We use a Real tree, thanks be to the Green man, to celebrate Yule

Do you know anyone with a play-on name? (Chris P. Bacon, Justin Case, etc.)

Do you have any foreign exchange students at your school?
We had a very active exchange program yes

If you had a week to live, what would you do?
Absolutely nothing different.

Are you good at brain teasers?
Better then some but not most

Is your handwriting nice?
Not even close

What's your second language (or lack thereof)?
i know German and am in the process of learning Gaelic

Is it uncomfortable for you to take showers in glass stalls w/out curtains?
Not at all

Finish the sentence: Remember, remember...
the fifth of November

Did you understand Shakespeare?
The Bard is a hero of mine

What do you want to be when you're older?

What's your favorite dog breed?

Are you one of those people who take like, 50 Facebook quizzes at a time?
If i get on a roll yes

What was the last shot you got?
Probably Tetnis

Ever gotten cavities?
I have had my fair shair

Can you differentiate between the words "your" and "you're?"
Anyone above the age of 7 can do that

Do you use hair ties as bracelets?
well, i play fetch with my cat with hair ties

What was the last school project you did that you couldn't wait to turn in?
My sideshow on the Challenger shuttle explosion. The teacher still use's it in class

Have you ever graded papers?
Well yeah

What was your favorite year of school up to this point?
Sophmore, i had a break out year that year where i went from being a nobody to one of the top trumpeters in the country

What's the latest you've ever woken up?
the sun was down, i remember that

Did you ever get that short-in-the-back-long-in-the-front haircut?

Can you recite the alphabet backwards?

If you could master one language in thirty minutes, what would it be?
Spanish, get it out of the way

Are you a sucker for foreign accents?
Depends on the accents

Where were you born? Is it the same place you live currently?
Concord New Hampshire, nope, next town over

How often do you remember your dreams? What did you last dream about?
I very rarely remember my dreams

When did you learn the ninja turtles were named after Renaissance artists?
I put the pieces together myself in elementary school

Do you do yoga?

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