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The Ludicrousy of Delivering Pizzas

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So as many of you know, I work for Pizza Hut. I have now made my way up to Shift Manager, but still deliver a couple of times a week. Over the course of the 2 1/2 years I've worked for the company, many things have outright annoyed the hell out of me. This is a list of those annoyances.

Of course this would be at the top. If you can't afford the tip, don't order the food, or come pick it up yourself. I use MY gas and MY car to drive you YOUR food. A healthy tip would be comparable to one you'd leave at a restaurant. If I'm rude, or forget something, its perfectly acceptable to not tip as nicely, but usually I'm right on target with everything. Its incredibly insulting for me to drive 5 miles, carry 3 heavy bags of of pizza, pasta, wings, along with a few 2-liters up 3 flights of stairs to deliver a $60+ order only to get the few coins or perhaps a dollar left in change as a tip. I feel as if you don't appreciate all the trouble I've gone to. Not only is it gas, but I have to replace my tires, get oil changes more frequently, not to mention all the maintenance my car needs just so I can bring you your food. A DOLLAR IS ONLY ACCEPTABLE AS A TIP IF YOUR ORDER IS UNDER 15 DOLLARS! Even then it could be considered an insult depending on the distance traveled or weather conditions.

AHHH!!! This one is perhaps the most annoying. YOU ARE NOT A CAR!! I can't stand it when people ride their bicycles down the lane as if they are. There are roads with lanes dedicated specifically for this purpose. If you're a recreational biker, the sidewalk is also usable! I understand if a group of "professional" riders are in the lane, but for the sake of all that is good, if you're going to pretend to be a car, FOLLOW THE RULES OF DRIVING! STOP AT STOP LIGHTS AND WAIT FOR THEM TO TURN GREEN! Also, stop and yield where specified!!

3. Moms with strollers
This almost goes hand in hand with the bicyclists. Usually a mom pushing her baby along isn't a problem, but when they are in "herds" and insist on pushing their strollers in the road for the mere purpose of being able to walk side-by-side with their friends, it becomes a hazard. Why risk your baby's life just so you can talk to your friends? Perhaps sidewalks should be made wider for this one reason, but I don't think the DOT is going to see it my way.

4. Other Motorists who are completely incapable of driving their vehicles

Turn signals come STANDARD in ALL vehicles. Is it really all that hard to use them? Stay in your lane, off the phone (unless you have a headset), and pay fucking attention to others around you. If someone else is using their turn signal and needs to merge, SLOW THE FUCK DOWN and let them in! Just because I deliver pizza doesn't make me any less important than you in your fucking Lexus Rx10. It might slow you down by what, .5 seconds?

5. Other delivery drivers
Just because I have a Pizza Hut sign on my car doesn't mean I want to race you! I drive a fucking SATURN! Of COURSE your Lancer or Impreza is going to waste me. You don't need to rub it in my face.

6. People who are surprised by the fact that I am a female *
SERIOUSLY... this has happened more times than I can recall. I get to the house/apartment/trailer etc, ring the doorbell or knock, and the MAN answering the door is utterly shocked that I'm a chick. I don't care that "in California, they don't ALLOW females to deliver Pizza." We're in COLORADO. Say it with me, COL-O-RAD-O. Evidently California is full of sexist pigs.
*on the flip side of this, I do find I get higher tips from males because I am a female. I suppose that's a bit sexist as well, but hey, its not like I'm really doing anything to influence that.

7. The Delivery Fee
This is totally on Pizza Hut and mostly has nothing to do with customers. The $2.25 fee we charge for delivery is ridiculous. I get $0.75 out of that, as the store's attempt at reimbursement for my gas. It comes nowhere near the actual amount used, and it also discourages customers from tipping. Some think I get the entire amount, and I have been chewed out by RGM's in the past for explaining to customers of its unfairness. There is absolutely no reason Pizza Hut needs to make $1.50 from every delivery I make. They do nothing extra on their part. I've heard its to help cover the cost of driver's insurance, but guess what? I PAY FOR MY OWN INSURANCE TOO. Only once in the 2 1/2 years I've worked there has someone actually had an accident... oh and GUESS WHAT AGAIN! Their insurance company covered it all. The delivery charge is a scam. I suggest that anyone reading this call your customer service line (not the store itself, they can't do shit about it) and complain. There are several lawsuits pending across the country litigating this cause.

Alright, I've got to get ready for work. I'll add more to this as time goes by and I remember the rest of the shit that bugs me.

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  1. 's Avatar
    With my work i only deal with number 1. lol
    We only add 1.00 as a delivery charge. Only idiots try to race a mustang. cause most people can't tell its slow, cause i drive like its fast lol
  2. 's Avatar
    And I hate the fuckers who drive under the speed limit. I wouldn't bitch if you would speed up
  3. 's Avatar
    The tipping also gets me too. Although 5 miles is a average distance here. (the town s 75 square miles, and their are like no traffic lights) Some people just give you the cost of the food and shut the door all fast like. I don't think you can do this at Pizza Hut, but we have a list of bad tippers/ no tippers/ and general assholes that we do not deliver to.