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Another One...

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What song are you listening to right now?
99 Red Balloons, LOL, the English version from DDR

Admit it you want a Snuggie. What design/color?
Uhhh no... not unless its a part of a new cult I'm joining x.x

Do you prefer movies at home or movies at the theater?
Home, we have a really REALLY nice home theater system and its FREE to watch them LOL

How many songs does your iTunes have?
Right now my iTunes is sitting empty because of a hard drive crash months ago, but my iPod has 9267 songs currently on it!

Do you take a shower in the morning or the night before?

What's your academic niche? (History, math, science, etc.)
uhh I guess creative writing?

Who's your youngest teacher?
I can't remember her name, that was more than 10 years ago; but she was a computer lab teacher, and 22

Have you ever had the samples people offer you at Costco?
Yup, nothing better than a free meal at Costco, except maybe a free meal at a real restaurant lmfao

If you had to name your kid after a food, what would his/her name be?
LMAO what a weird question... how about Ambrosia?

Miley Cyrus: Inspirational role model or a ho?
Neither... annoying little kid that should probably put some real morales into her tv show. I do NOT allow my daughter to watch that bullshit

Are you stressed about anything?
Ehh... money, but aren't we all?

When's the last time you had a rock, paper, scissors match?
Within the last 3 years, although I can't remember why we did it.

What's your favorite anime?
Inuyasha, mos def!

Did you cry when Ash let his Butterfree go with the other Butterfrees?

Don't you hate it when Facebook autocorrects your smiley faces and hearts?
Don't have Facebook

Skinny, flared, ripped, or faded jeans?
Any but Skinny, those things are ugly and my ass would probably look awful in them anyway. Hell I think everyone looks awful in them.

What are you excited for?
Being in the middle of a 4-day break from work I guess...

Are you part of the Farmville cult?
Uhhh? No?

What were you for Halloween?
A Staff Sargeant LOL... wore Chris' ACU's and stole rank from one of my Drivers XD

Have you ever had braces?
Newp. Probably should have

What year of high school are you in?
HA... HS... haven't been there in just about 10 years

What's your favorite flower?
Plain ol' daisies

o.o neither?

Would you ever bleach your hair?
Not anymore... done with the brittle nasty frizz hair

Have you ever stood on a frozen solid body of water?

Would you ever take up smoking or drinking?
Already do both, hoping to quit the smoking soon

Do those girls with 1,000 friends on Facebook REALLY have that many?
Probably not, but its not like I give a shit... and again I don't use Facebook

What holiday is your birthday closest to?

Are you cyberdyslexic?

Are you regular dyslexic?
Occasionally lol

What would your name be if you were a boy?
I think my parents told me it was Kevin xD

Which person from way back when would you love to hang out with?
Erica Maloy... I think we'd have a great time

Would you agree on 80s day, people look pretty much the same?
Hell no, tease that hair bitch!!

What color are your eyes?
Greenish-greyish blue xD

The forever on-going question: Is Twilight stupid or actually brilliant?
Fuck that shit... the dumbest Vampire series EVER.

Did you carve pumpkins for Halloween this year?
Nope, didn't have a place to put them, plus we were pretty damn broke.

Does your family use a real pine tree or a plastic one for Christmas?
I have a fake one

Do you know anyone with a play-on name? (Chris P. Bacon, Justin Case, etc.)
I knew a Joe King and Tim Marrow in HS

Do you have any foreign exchange students at your school?
There were a few if I remember correctly

If you had a week to live, what would you do?
be constantly stoned and have lots and LOTS of sex xD

Are you good at brain teasers?
<.<; no... probably because until about two months ago I was constantly stoned for the last 9 years

Is your handwriting nice?
Not anymore, got too used to typing

What's your second language (or lack thereof)?
I want to learn Japanese

Is it uncomfortable for you to take showers in glass stalls w/out curtains?
Not at all

Finish the sentence: Remember, remember...
the fifth of November

Did you understand Shakespeare?
Yes, fortunately that was before my stoner years

What do you want to be when you're older?
A kid lmfao... I don't want to get older!

What's your favorite dog breed?
Shiba Inu or Huskey

Are you one of those people who take like, 50 Facebook quizzes at a time?
No Facebook, I get them from Myspace. And no, not all at once, but I'll do several during a week

What was the last shot you got?
a Flu shot when I was prego, just about 10 years ago

Ever gotten cavities?
Yes... I seem to have an affinity for them x.x

Can you differentiate between the words "your" and "you're?"
Yeah, but when I'm typing sometimes I'm not thinking lol (again blamed on the pot)

Do you use hair ties as bracelets?
I wouldn't say I use them as bracelets, but they end up on my wrist when I take them out or plan on putting one in later

What was the last school project you did that you couldn't wait to turn in?
Pfft... I hated school projects! The last one I was probably excited about was an 8th grade presentation on Marvel Universe trading cards xD

Have you ever graded papers?
Well yeah

What was your favorite year of school up to this point?
LMAO I guess... either my second senior year (when I was prego, got lots of special priviledges) or my Sophomore year, had lots and LOTS of fun then.

What's the latest you've ever woken up?
Before I knew I was prego and lived with the hub and his roomies on ISU's campus, sometimes we wouldn't get up until 8pm LOL

Did you ever get that short-in-the-back-long-in-the-front haircut?
I guess you could call it that.

Can you recite the alphabet backwards?
Sure can... in under 14 seconds xD

If you could master one language in thirty minutes, what would it be?

Are you a sucker for foreign accents?
xD yup

Where were you born? Is it the same place you live currently?
Princeton Illinois, and fortunately HELL NO its not where I live now!

How often do you remember your dreams? What did you last dream about?
More now that I'm not smoking pot... and last night I had some strange dream about being back in the hometown with the friends I have now, and going through some riot due to the government's ridiculousness. I have a lot of those type of dreams, actually.

When did you learn the ninja turtles were named after Renaissance artists?
Shortly after I became a HUGE TMNT fangirl

Do you do yoga?
Not atm, but I probably should

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