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RP Survey

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1. How long have you been rp-ing?
four years THIS MONTH *dances* PARTY!

2. How long do you plan on staying?
I plan on Haunting rp groups well after this body dies

3. How many accounts do you have?
21, all actively involved in one or more rps

4. What's the most annoying thing about rp?
God modding is a big problem but i think i hate rps that have no structure even more. There needs to be a story line and a setting at least, it's stupid to just have a character you made up in 5 seconds and rp that character 1on1 with a group of "friends" who did the same thing. you AT LEAST need a forum, a general main area when all official rp posts are posted and can be read by the audience.

5. What's the best thing?
Building characters!!!! even Cannon characters are fun to build on what is already known. Creating emotion and interacting with the other characters... perfect. Naturally you build close bonds with the other rpers as well, and that alone has it's own level of fun.

6. How many relationships have you had?
Seven? with other rpers and one build within the characters back story.

7. Have any of the relationships been in rl also?
Only one, My fiancee plays Tenten to my Neji and Sango to my Miroku

9. Any kids?
not yet... though i expect miroku and sango to breed like bunnies at some point

10. Who's your best friend on rp?
there is no singular "best" but in not particular order i am close to V, Steph, Tony, and Britt

11. Do you know anybody on rp in rl?
Face to face...only V (and then some ) At some point i am dragging Tony up here to see a race and i have spoken with both Steph and Britt on the phone many times.

12. Name something odd about rp.
Tony had a really good answer, living in a fantasy world for hours at a time could be considered odd to "outsiders."

13. Does it bother you that guys rp girls/ girls rp guys?
I am quite guilty of this myself so of course not no. My only thing is that the other people involved KNOW. It boths me when people do that and try to get away without informing the other person that, yes my character is a hot chick with incredible legs, but the person typing is a hot guy... with incredible legs.

14. Who on rp have you known the longest?
Steph got me into it so she would be the one. Its all HER fault

15. Do you think you're popular?
I would like to think i have made a decent name for myself in the community over the past 4 years. The truth though is that i probably am not.

16. In your last relationship what didn't you like?
i guess i will use Neji and Tenten for this one as they are one of my current ones. In character wise it is difficult to have a good relaionship in that setting without allowing anyone to know about it. from the writters stand point, it is incredibly difficult to play a character like Neji during the romantic moments and still maintain character. The whole idea of Neji havign a relationship with anyone but himself is in most lights against the grain, giving him a relationship AND maintaining that character is tough.

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