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RP Survey

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1. How long have you been rp-ing?
Just a little bit more than five years now

2. How long do you plan on staying?
Until I absolutely have no time, which will most likely be never. I have plans to be a little old lady still Role-Playing

3. How many accounts do you have?
Right now, 6, including the Mod account for Shippuuden: Alliance, but only the 2 Fuedal accounts are active

4. What's the most annoying thing about rp?
People that think they can get away with anything... aka God-Modding. Also ignorance. There are a lot of people who just don't know what they're doing. I can deal with Newbs, they just need to let it be known that's what they are, and they'd get the proper training.

5. What's the best thing?
Being able to lose yourself in a fictional world. I'd have to say the friends I've made are really important as well.

6. How many relationships have you had?
Three solid RP relationships, then two others that weren't really set in stone.

7. Have any of the relationships been in rl also?
Only the friendships!

9. Any kids?
Nihane and Lord Yojin have one son, Houkaisu. And what an interesting birth that was LMFAO!

10. Who's your best friend on rp?
I'd have to say Nikki, Tony, Kev, Mikey, Kaity, Britt. That's the order in which I've met them, nothing else

11. Do you know anybody on rp in rl?
I've met Nikki in RL, we ate dinner together at a steakhouse in KY. I've talked to the others on the phone on several occasions, and still do!

12. Name something odd about rp.
Tony had a really good answer, living in a fantasy world for hours at a time could be considered odd to "outsiders." One thing I couldn't ever really understand is how people can get the RL relationships tangled up in RP. My husband knows what I do and is in no way threatened by any of my character's significant others. ITS PRETEND!!

13. Does it bother you that guys rp girls/ girls rp guys?
Nah, I've kind of done it, using Inuyasha, Miroku, Yojin, Houkaisu and even Torkuitsu when needed. Nikki does it consistantly, and honestly who better to roleplay the perfect persona of the opposite sex?

14. Who on rp have you known the longest?
Nikki was the first I've met, then Tony. There are several more to add to this list, but its so long lmfao

15. Do you think you're popular?
I'd have to say I was REALLY popular back when I was on Hinata constantly. Also being the Head Mod of the Alliance gave me some popularity points.

16. In your last relationship what didn't you like?
The guy (ShinoxHina) was full of bugs lmfao!!

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