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Batch File Re-Name Batch File Re-Name : Overview This product was designed and written to do a job that I could not find a utility for on the Internet. In fact this is not strictly true, but I could not find something that did the job exactly how I wanted; the products I found were either too complex, or too busy, or were just plain trying to do too much in one go. As a result I designed this to be easy to use and give the user feedback as every step, making it clear what the program is going to do. To date, this is the only piece of software I have written privately with no learning or exploration involved. Its was designed to do a job, using skills I already had, with a defined beginning and end. A timescale, if you wish to call it that. Features - Visual preview for every action - know what the application will do before any files are renamed. - Conflict checking and illegal file name fixing built in. - Visual display of each files state making it easy to see what will be renamed and if conflicts will arise. - Rule sets are build from the comprehensive list of base rules allowing total flexibility. - Saved rule sets are listed on the toolbar for quick retrieval. Command line support. Rollback on rename error or cancel by the user. Technical Points For once here are no real technical points to discuss - the product is just the result of my need at a particular time employing skill that I already had. I have made extensive use of regular expressions and employed my knowledge of .net forms development (with a little Windows API), but nothing that required any learning or particular cunning. http://www.ronsplace.me.uk/Professional/Products/BatchFileRename/Images/MainWindow_Thumb.jpg (644 Bytes) 12-09-2010 5 0
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