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  1. Yup that be them I also RolePlay as Kagome so it will be fun to see what you can do

    Awww thanks, I've really needed a confidence booster lately LOL its been a long and boring week...
  2. Um! You are special! Always have been... always will be.

    You talkin about these two?

  3. Hehe You do make me feel special LOL
    Well... I know you don't know what they look like, but I can get you pictures. Kagome and Sango of Inuyasha relaxing in a hotspring with Feudal Nihane... maybe getting spied on by the guys, but that would be a total bonus.
  4. Anything for you!.. Then again you already knew that. Ok hit me.
  5. I have a new request for your 3d renders! I know I kinda requested Haku, but I'd like to ad a set of 3 to the list if I could >.>;; PWEEEZE??
  6. No there's no limits here. The only thing the host is keen on is linking to episodes which we promised to control, but you can post even hentai if you like. Also yep he's the same one.. At least I think so. Feel free to ask him though, you're in a group of very friendly folks that are going to do their best to encourage your work. They like to joke around too.
  7. Thanks so much for the welcome, I'm slowly but surely getting into things here. I suppose I should as before I go to far, is there any limit as to how "naked" they can be? My Sims do NOT have barbie parts... and well I was iffy about pushing the bar in dA. I knew of a Sabaku no Gaara on Youtube who was a Sim nut, I wonder if its the same person? I suppose I'll ask lol
  8. Oh Hey Babe! Welcome to the site! You're gonna be treated like royalty around here. I did not know before but some of these folks are Sim players. You have any questions about stuff just PM Sabaku no Gaara and technical stuff go to the Halo team... and me.

    I'm so happy you're here. You'll never have to worry about haters anymore.
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