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  1. You has been activaterded
    Working tonight, so toodalooos!
  2. And I didn't mean it would be awhile before you're approved, but it will be awhile before you can post xD
  3. I see now, didn't know you all had transferred to a different site
  4. Did you go to the new site? We will want you in, but it will still be awhile before you're approved. I didn't get an email saying anybody applied o.o
  5. Hey luv, word on the streets is that V and myself were accepted into the rp... If this is true, why is my profile still needing some love from a staff member.
  6. I have settled in now, Kinda took a bi to feel comfortable but i'm good now. I should start writing the next chapter to the fan fic soon now that i'm settled. Busy busy busy trying to reset the myspace rp.
  7. Tony and Vicky both told me a few days ago, so I did know what was going on. Are ya all settled in now?
  8. I was moving, It all happened kinda last minuet so i didnt have a chance to warn anyone...sry
  9. I mish you xD
    Get what you need and get your butt back to us!
  10. Hey luv, both tony and i are on aim right now, swing by if you want to chat about the rp reunion
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