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  1. Don't worry about it, disturbed is a strong word. I am more just interested in the site having 18+ content, nothing wrong with it though, not for me at least! >.<
  2. Mahaha! Well, for the older crowd, its got some adult entertainment xD
    This place rocks, I hope it gets more active and I wish more people like you would come at least check it out!! Sakura's boobs... well, that wasn't on purpose, the Sim skins don't show up like that until you have them in-game, and its too late to change them at that point!! Welcome aboard!
  3. Nihane-sama, thanks for putting up this wonderful site!... Eh!? Why the hell is there a sim Sakura with giant boobs!? And Tony mentioning Lucky star stuff in the 18+ galleries? Um... Nihane-sama... What kind of site is this!?
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