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  1. Try the schooloutfit from Izumi Konata
  2. You know I'll build anything for you... Just make sure they ain't wearing a coat.
  3. What if I search some other pic for you, from another character?
  4. Heh.. I almost though I lost the last render since it's been so long. Temari Fate I did this one a while back before I gave up searching for the coat. Now I'm sure you did not forget the freaky lookin one Temari Fate1 but I just dropped it when I could not find a close match for the coat. The coat is the whole deal and it's just not Fate-like without it. When I'm searchin for models and props I go to Renderosity, or Daz3D. If I find something for a render I'll sure buy it but never seen a coat that came close. If you have the time and can find me a model or prop that's close, I can convert it and finally finish this long overdue request for you.
  5. Sure. I'll post her tonight.
  6. Can you show me how she looks at the moment?
  7. Babe I'm so sorry. I never found a coat that came even close to it. I though about doing it as just a texture with the patterns but that would be a one time render. The hair, skirt, and stocking are ok, but that coat is what killed the finish. I've not seen a thing close to it.
  8. Hmm, are you ever gonna finish my request? XD
  9. *eye twitch* My Tsunade cosplay is most viewed o.0
  10. How weird is that? I dropped out too!? But because I was joining the army to get outta there early. I still had to complete before university which sucked.
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