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  1. Actually have not touched it in a while. I have the model still tied up on my hard drive. Send me a pic of a position and layout that you would like and we'll start from there. It will change from time to time as you will get board of the same sig. I am already tired of mine to be honest.
  2. Hey DB, hows the finalized Sig coming along? Need Ideas for it?
  3. Here's another site I found. Hotfile Megaupload & MediaFire Free Downloads - HeroTurko.org Lots of free stuff there too.
  4. Ok it's just not loading or hanging? I may need to get my actual runtime for you. This will have all the morphs needed for her... At least I think that will fix it. Can you send me some screen shots of your current installation and how the program is layed out?
  5. I extracted er' to my runtime. Its not working, even though she's in the Runtime folder. :/ (It sorted out everything too)
  6. Sure! You know you guys come first right? Folks from DA will have to come here and make request for shit. It takes way too long for their stuff. Anyway. Sakura is online at this link (http://www.animexhibit.com/posts/Sakura.rar) so click to download. I hope it works. I am still using a 32 bit operating system and you are on a 64 bit. When you get the file use the same method of extraction into your runtime. If you have trouble then extract it and manually move the files into your runtime. The other character will be a pain to compile all the files but I'll get to it. Good luck.
  7. Also can you make me a new 3D model? (Someone Ino will enjoy too~)
  8. Good, I see some stuff I like there! It seems to be free, (unless they're billing my I.P. Adress without notifying me) so I'm downloading some clothing and pose morphs. When can I expect you to send me the models I asked for and the BDSM stuff?
  9. When you have a chance, go annd take a look at this site for free content (http://www.gfxworld.ws/). I used to buy my content before but I got pissed off because they kept on changing the base models. I must have spent around $2500 on content but now I don't pay for shit unless I really want it. The site does not require registration and it helps if you have a hotfile or filesonic account. If not you can still get stuff for free but downloads will be slow.
  10. I have to write some because there are several but they are not explained very well and I always do write-ups in the most simplistic form. Usually step by step. We have Anko pulling tutorials down now but I'm afraid that I will have to so an easier re-write... Not sure about time frame though.
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