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  1. Serv from hell

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Admit it you want a Snuggie. What design/color?
    Do i look like the kinda guy who wants a snuggy... My snuggie is white with long red hair, 125 lbs, 34c and has an incredible singing voice. Not to mention emits her own heat... Love you V

    Do you prefer movies at home or movies at the theater?
    Home all the way... i would get kicked out of Theaters.

    How many songs does your iTunes have? ...
  2. You want answers!?

    You get a text at 4AM saying "come outside." What do you do?
    Walk outside, my m4 in one hand, my m9 on my hip a scowl on my face and a middle finger as high as it can go in the other hand

    Do you get overly emotional about small things?
    That my friend is my middle name

    When was the last time you were scared?
    Second time i rode a harley i came around a corner and hit some loose gravel... leaving a big ol pile of shit behind after somehow saving ...

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  3. Random survey

    Are you ready to answer these questions honestly even if it starts to get hard?
    I will try

    You never know what you got until you lose it. True or false?

    Wallpaper on your phone?
    Picture i took a few winters ago of snowfall in the woods while snowshoeing

    What is the last thing you drank today?
    Coke at work during lunch

    Is there anything you would like to say to the person that you love?
    Just 6 more ...

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  4. RP Survey

    1. How long have you been rp-ing?
    four years THIS MONTH *dances* PARTY!

    2. How long do you plan on staying?
    I plan on Haunting rp groups well after this body dies

    3. How many accounts do you have?
    21, all actively involved in one or more rps

    4. What's the most annoying thing about rp?
    God modding is a big problem but i think i hate rps that have no structure even more. There needs to be a story line and a setting at least, it's stupid ...

    Updated 11-24-2009 at 12:18 AM by Jinushigami