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  1. Jinushigami's Avatar
    wow, cool. thanks guys
  2. Dangerboy3D's Avatar
    Hey man! Looks like a cool site! Didn't know you could do that on Freewebz. Still we will have our linking section up soon so we can certainly add and promote you.
  3. 's Avatar
    mmm..rants. I actually didn't know he cancelled the Constellation Project. Fuck. He better pull some good shit out of his ass this year or i cry mutiny
  4. Jinushigami's Avatar
    Of course it is not a bad thing that you consider your self Agnostic. I have now issues with that. As far as religion goes the only things that bother me are when people, of any religion try and force they belief unto me. Man that drives me crazy
  5. Nihane-chan's Avatar
    I REALLY want to see those blackmail photos lmao
    <.< I consider myself agnostic... is that a bad thing?