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  1. A Cure for Boredom... SURVEY!

    You get a text at 4AM saying "come outside." What do you do?
    Don't answer lmfao! Unless its someone important, then I'd tell them I'll buzz them in.

    Do you get overly emotional about small things?
    Hah, yes xD

    When was the last time you were scared?
    Last night, driving home at 2am through a blizzard! Thank the GODS for AWD!!

    Is anyone mad at you right now?
    Hub's a little annoyed I wouldn't watch Star Wars: Clone Wars with ...
  2. Another One...

    What song are you listening to right now?
    99 Red Balloons, LOL, the English version from DDR

    Admit it you want a Snuggie. What design/color?
    Uhhh no... not unless its a part of a new cult I'm joining x.x

    Do you prefer movies at home or movies at the theater?
    Home, we have a really REALLY nice home theater system and its FREE to watch them LOL

    How many songs does your iTunes have?
    Right now my iTunes is sitting empty because of a hard ...
  3. Nothing to do....

    You’re thinking about someone?
    I'm thinking of a bunch of someones xD

    Last awkward moment?
    Managing on Saturday, sent my driver to the wrong gas station on the opposite end of town from where she should have gone, then realized last night that never should have happened? Lame I suppose, but awkwardness is something I don't fear lol. I'm awkward... period!

    How many people do you trust?
    Let's say, 5

    Are you happy with your life?
    I suppose, ...
  4. More Randomness

    Where is your Mother?
    In Illinois, probably at home

    Where is your Father?
    Also in Illinois but at work

    Do you like to swim?
    Ehh... yeah, but not with this body lmfao

    Do you need to return anyones phone call?
    Yeah, from like two weeks ago, but I think he knows what's up

    Where were you born?
    Princeton, IL

    Where do you keep your birth certificate?
    In the bill box with all the other important papers ...
  5. 100 Truths

    1. Status = Happily Married

    2. Nickname(s) = Steph, Mom, Hun, Nihane, and a few people at work whom I've trained still call me Sensei lol

    3. Zodiac sign = Aries, Sagittarius rising

    4. Male or female = Female

    5. Elementary School = Wyanet Grade School

    6. Middle School = Wyanet Jr High, Western Jr High

    7. High School = Bureau Valley and Princeton

    8. Hair color = Dk auburn

    9. Long or short = ...
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